Nugget D5


With a 5.3" reliable touch screen, stunning photos, premium videos, sumptuous sound, long battery life and large storage capabilities the Nugget D5 has everything you’ll ever need in a phone, for less than the competition.



Capture and share your most incredible moments. Front and rear cameras offer continous shooting and high resolution images allowing you to take great pictures no matter the situation

Nugget D5
Nugget D5


Jelly Bean makes everything feel fast, fluid, and smooth.



The additional SIM card slot allows you to keep two SIM cards in the phone for work AND play, even one with a different carrier and phone number. Easily make/receive calls and send/receive texts between numbers and say goodbye to costly roaming fees while travelling.

Nugget D5
Nugget D5


The additional SIM card slot allows you to keep two SIM cards in the phone for work AND play, even one with a different carrier and phone number.



Take control of your wireless contract whether you sign a monthly plan or opt for a pre-paid plan, stay connected, your way. Save $$ with no contract and get a higher resale value when you are ready to upgrade.

Nugget D5
Nugget D5


There’s nothing worse than huddling around a weak smartphone speaker trying to hear what’s going on. With the Nugget D5, you get HD surround sound speakers that offer a dynamic, full-bodied listening experience.



Say goodbye to expensive mounted in-car GPS units. You’ll never have to worry about getting lost again. The simple, intuitive GPS interface makes it easy to get where you’re going.

Nugget D5

Key Features

Dual SIM Card Slots

Long Battery LIfe

Dual Cameras

HD Speakers

Compatible with the Top 3 Carriers

Size and Weight

Height 6 in 15. 3 cm
Width 3.1 in 7. 8 cm
Depth 0.3 in 0.8 cm
Weight 75 g 2.6 oz


Display 5.3 in
Resolution QHD 540x960

Operating System & Processor

OS Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean
CPU Dual Core ARM A9 1.2GHZ


Web Browser / MMS checkmark
Bluetooth checkmark
WiFi checkmark
WiFi Hotspot checkmark
WiFi Direct checkmark
APN checkmark
WPS checkmark


Text Messaging checkmark
Instant Messaging checkmark
Mobile Email checkmark

Web Apps

Web Browser checkmark
Preloaded Apps checkmark
Google Play Compatible checkmark


Camera Resolution 5.0 MP (rear) 2 MP (front)
Video Recording checkmark
Handsfree checkmark
FM Radio checkmark
TV Incept checkmark


Battery Type Li-polymer 1900mAh (rechargable)
User Talk Time 6-7 hours
Standby Time 15 days

Memory & Storage

Memory Type 1GB DDR3 RAM memory
Storage Type 4GB of Storage;
Internal MicroSD card slot (expandable to 32GB)
External Expandable to 32GB
Internal MicroSD card slot

Remove the back cover and install the battery. Plug the phone in and let the battery charge to a 50% level minimum.
Hold down the power button on the top of the phone for 5 seconds.
Connect the phone to the internet to get the latest updates. Press the Settings icon, then Wireless and connect to an available wireless internet connection. After connecting to the internet, go to Settings, then About phone, then Wireless update. Your Nugget D5 will download the latest updates.
Hold down the home button until all the apps that are running pop up. Then swipe let or right to remove the ones you want to close. Close apps often for better performance.
Hold down the power button on the top and the volume down button for 3 seconds.
At any time you can adjust the volume of the phone by pressing up or down on the volume button on the top right of the phone.
Press the applications icon and then drag and drop any application onto the home screen.
Take the battery out and reinstall. The phone resets automatically.
Yes. Different functions such as texting or calling can be assigned to different sim cards if installed. Press the Settings button and then SIM Management.
Yes. Simply install the Netflix app from the app store.
Yes. It is recommended that you add a micro SD card for extra storage. The maximum expanded memory card is 32GB.
Yes. You can remove this cover for better screen sensitivity or leave on for protection.
Yes the phone is fully compatible with Skype.
Yes. The Nugget D5 phone can connect to other devices or networks using Bluetooth or Wireless connections and has built in GPS.
The Nugget D5 takes a “mini SIM” which is 25mm in length and 15mm in width. Ask your carrier for the correct one.
Yes if the current SIM card you have is too small for the Nugget D5, simply go and see your carrier and exchange it for the correct size. Your phone service provider will be able to tell which SIM card your Nugget D5 needs.
The Nugget D5 is extremely fast because it does not come with preinstalled software from third party companies often referred to as BLOATWARE. This makes the Nugget D5 extremely fast at browsing the internet.
Turn screen brightness down. Close all apps after use. Minimize the amount of apps I have running in the background. Use dark wallpaper.
Yes. You can toggle between these cameras in the camera app.